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Do you often struggle to form a bias when you start to like a new idol group? Is it hard to pick out that one member that'll capture your fangirl heart faster than the rest?

Worry no more! This guide will help you find your bias in any group!

Step 1: Select an idol group!

It can be a male or female group of your liking. Preferably one with 5-6 members if you'd like to make your life easier (or you can go for one with 12-13 members if you fangirl/fanboy on hardcore mode). Also, preferably not an SM group (because your bias might just leave the group)!

Step 2: Watch at least 5-10 of their MVs!

This step will really help you narrow down your bias options. You will naturally pay more attention to a select few members. These either tend to be the ones with best vocals, best dance skills, or the utterly goofy and lost one (usually the maknae). Or the ones with abs!

Step 3: Observe their on-stage performances!

Idols show way more personality on stage than they ever do in MVs. This is your chance to figure out the dynamics of the group (and also narrow down your list some more). How else will you find out that Seungri collects all those pandas or that To-Dae is a ship? This is all crucial information for choosing your bias!

Step 4: Get to know the group off-stage!

No, you don't have to actually meet them off-stage, unless you actually can (maybe at a concert)...then you should TOTALLY try to meet them off-stage (just don't creep them out, lol)! I'm talking about catching your group on Running Man, Weekly Idol or Infinite Challenge. Or even Return of Superman...you'd be surprised to hear I found Winner thanks to Haru, haha. By this point, you should have 2, maybe 3 favorites in the group. If not, repeat steps 2 through 4 and narrow down to 3 favorites!

Step 5: Watch movies and dramas that they are in!

What better way to feed your obsession than to fangirl over everything your faves have been in. I mean, do you see TOP in that gif? I picked a lot of my biases when I watched a drama or movie that they were in. You might actually be surprised how talented some idols are. They can not only sing and dance, but they can also act! And picking a bias will be even easier if they are the second lead, trust me (Kim Jae Joong anyone?).

Step 6: Follow them on social media!

What better way to get to know your faves even more than to follow them on Instagram or Twitter? Especially if they post a lot on there, you'll find about their other interests (I found out TOP loves furniture...yea, don't ask). And who knows? You might even have a common interest! (I freak out every time I find out an idol that I like loves Totoro too!) This will strengthen your fangirl/fanboy bond with your bias!

Step 7: Pick your BIAS!

Now that you've spent countless hours on your idol group and picked out your faves, you will feel strongly about one of your faves. Congratulations! You've found your bias. If you're me, it's probably the leader OR the dorkiest member of the group. But it really doesn't matter if it's the visual or the maknae as long as you've found your bias in the group. Now you can let them ruin your life! (Just kidding, maybe).

Step 8: Fangirl / Fanboy about your bias!

Now that you have a bias in the group, it's time to share the love! And find other people also share the same bias (and it's never a competition, because no one else will understand your bias' quirks and dorky antics as much as them!). I talk about my biases everyday on Vingle (it's a great feeling to find people who actually know iKON and who Hanbin is...LOL). There's probably a community for your bias as well (I live for the TOP community)!
Hope I helped you find your bias! If not, let me know what steps I missed! ^_^
It'a a good step by step process of how to ruin your life XD
@VixenViVi Step 1. listen to kpop step 2. pick bias step 3. let it consume you
@VixenViVi Oh nooooo, I guess BTS is an exception (ORRRR, you guys just need to pick J-Hope! LOL). @KutieKiKi Goodluck, I think Jackson is my Got7 bias, haha.
Yaass j-hope 馃槅 @poojas from what I've seen so far I'm leaning toward Jackson or bambam but it's still so haaaard!
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