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Do you ever find on Friday that you don't remember anything that happened in the past week? You start to wonder who you are, where you were, what you were doing that had you missing out on so much?!
You are filled with regret because of all the fun you missed out on and don't know how to fix the situation.
I present you:


Where you can find some of the most active posts of the week all in one place! See below:

RAP MON Death Threat

So BTS were in NYC last night and their VIP fan meet was cancelled due to a death threat targetting Rap Mon. Read @netchtiBates's card here and check out what these people has to say as well: @JonesyonMars @najalong1998 @Igot7BTS @saphirepanda @kookiebyu @inumi @jaywoveu @terenailyn @aliciasalinas @Snowyc @B1A4BTS5ever @JazzyPie

People Are Pissed Off About This V Lookalike

And by people, we clearly don't mean our community^^ The comments are super supportive of both idols and the overall opinion is 'the more the merrier!'
Check out the lookalikes and nice comments here!

10 years of Super Junior! Can you Believe It?

Who knew the time would fly so quickly?! Find out who are our community ELFs and also be sure to check out their new music video 'Devil' that just dropped!

Got7's new MV got 3 million views so they made a dorky thank you video!

The title says it all! This video will make you fall in love with GOT7 even more than before!

RM 사랑해! (RM I Love You!)

Our fearless leader somehow ended up turning into a minion this week....Just in time for their concert in NYC!

GUYS! Emma Stone is obsessed with K-Pop!

I ALWAYS LOVED HER. This week on Conan she told the world that she's a total 2NE1 fan girl. Go spread the crazy Emma/Kpop fangirl LOVE in the comments!

BTS Height Guide

So @ephneyt is a fangirl CHAMPION and created these guides so you know how tall you'll be if you stand next to Jungkook, or any of the members of BTS! Check out this card and scroll through their collection to find more!

Have You Ever Had a K-Idol in Your Dream?

Did you know that Lay is actually a serial killer or that Big Bang and @jannatd93 are actually BFFs!? Share you Idol dreams HERE!!


Create your Fantasy Group here and then be sure to vote for the first battle here! Pick the best leaders in Kpop!
Also, the Big Bang giveaway is still going on, so if you have any questions leave them in the comments of this card here!
i didn't make the guides!! my friends sent them to me :-) i don't wanna take credit when i didn't make them~ haha i simply reposted them here! ^^
I can remember anything for my life except anything to do with kpop (bias' birthdays, mv release dates, concert dates, scandals, etc)
@ephneyt Ahh okay!! Thanks for letting me know (and thanks for finding them LOL^^)
This is so cool!!! xD
This is awesome! I look foward to many more FOMO Fridays ^_^