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[LIVE RECAP] King 2 Hearts Ep 15

Live recap ENDED. Will we see the long-awaited engagement and kiss scene today???? -Engagement: Yes, Kiss scene: ep 16~~~ ------------------------------------------------------- Refresh this card for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and comment below~~~ <b>Legend</b> Jae Ha (Dimple King :X): JH Hang Ah (Queen of Action): HA Jae Shin (Our Princess-nim): JS Shi Kyung (Knight in Shining Armor): SK Kyu Tae (Secretary/Evil Ajusshi): KT Queen Dowager: QD Bong Goo (Creepy Psychotic Freak): BG ----------------------------------------------------------- Recaping last ep on the team's mission. JH calls the SK representative guy and asks if there's anyway to win. He said if he destroys their station then…JH is planning to put explosion in US team's station. He's discussing the strategy with the team. Explode the station to make them surrender if they don't then destroy everything. It will take 8 hours but he plans to make it in 6 hours. JH infiltrates the US' team station. He did something to the handphone (maybe US' team). He did something to the phone then put it back on the table near the gas stove. The other team members are luring the US teams. There were gun shots. Now JH is stuck in the station because some US soldiers are still guarding outside. The guy guarding the captured solider asked if the lighter is his and if it's a msg from his team. He screams in Korean saying do you know if I tell you. Then a smoke bomb was tossed in. JH got in. The US soldier is lying on the flora. HA is firing against the other US soldiers. One of the Korean soldier guy is down. HA is still firing. The female US soldier was gonna fire HA but she got "killed". US team captain n one of the soldier guy is talking saying they need control of the command center. There's a camera outside checking the situation. Korean team now is left with 3 they're staying inside a station with a captured US soldier. They are thinking whether to "kill" him. The SNSD soldier got injured and he's also down. It looks like his injury is pretty bad and the US soldier is taking care of him. One of the KR team soldiers pointed the gun to to one US soldier and says hands up. Only 20' left. HA called the US captain but she speaks in Kr so he doesn't understand. She asks him to put on intepreter. They look outside the window and saw HA pointing the gun to one of them walking toward the station. She asked them to come out. The captain decided to listen. He gave US key to the soldier inside and went outside. JH is about to fire the guy inside as he is about to fire but stops. US captain asks where the boat is. HA says how they make it sank. HA tells them to surrender since there's no way out due to no boat. US captain said they should wait for the decision since it's only 10 mins left. US captain spotted the officer hiding in the tree. HA said what if the communication center is destroyed? Then what will happen. The phone is connected with wired with gas stove. JH got inside and got the US soldier puts his hand up. The room exploded and the door hit the US soldier and he fainted. JH checked his pulse to see if he's still alive and is relieved. He took the key. US captain said how could they do this, it's not following the rule. HA said the rule is they can use anything with what they have. JH is doing something to the gas pipe. US captain said why they do this, it's just a game. HA said it's a game you said? Did you ever have to part with your family because of war. Maybe it's a game for you guys but for us we are desperate. She said it with tears in her eyes. Then another explosion. US captain said just blow it all. We Americans never surrender. He doesn't care about Charlie who got the key. Saying Kr team is already lost. HA took off her glove and threw it on the floor. She called one of the guys but no one answered. JH is still working on something. HA remembers what JH told her: we can do it. HA but still….JH puts his hand on her cheek and hugs her smiling. He said if they don't surrender press the button before 8. JH is still connecting the phone to another gas stove. His hands are shaking and he's sweating. HA is raising up the phone. JH is trying to drag the guy out. US captain said, your king, your team leader, your fiance will die. She remembers what JH told her that with teamwork they will win and he will go back with her to get engaged. So if she also feels the same then press the button before 8. The clock is ticking. HA is in tears and agony looking tensely at the phone. She looks at the US captain, saying I love comrade Jae Ha and press the button as tears fall down her tears. The station explodes. She runs toward it and crying while screaming his name. One soldier tries to stop her then JH's voice says be quiet. Why are you crying? did someone die. He's lying on the grass with some minor injury to his face next to the US soldier guy who is still unconscious. She cries and hugs him. He's smiling. KT is reporting to QD. She asked what about club M. JS asks KT she heard he just let them go like that. Saying it's them that made us like that. QD scolds her and tells her to apologize to KT. She did. He mentioned about SK. She asked if he also went there and apologized. KT is running and flashbacks of what BB told him and what BG said about JH and image of the King and Queen dying. He trips over a cone and falls down. He picks it up. He got frustrated and threw it away. He kneels down and cries in despair. JS saw this and is troubled. He then cooly wipes away his tears. JH called him to the green house. JS asked if it was BG that killed her brother. Saying she will undergo therapy again and will try to remember. He said no, if it's too much she doesn't have to do it. She said she likes him. Even tho he is boring and too stiff she likes him. She asks him to say something. He said maybe she's not thinking right. She said she will try to make him stay beside her so don't give up. I'll be brave just like you. Both teams are having breakfast. The US team is awfully quiet. HA brings some meat over to the American team and the members complain. They refuse at first but she said with their big body, little food will not be enough and they give her some desserts. The SNSD guy got thrown something on the head, he got angry but the US guy said it was for his wound. He awkwardly said thank you. KT said JS is going to see BG or something to SK and he rushes off. BG is making a statement (badmouthing about the royal family). JS is going to the conference where BG just delivered the speech. Everyone stood up and she signaled them to sit down. QD is surprised asking why she's there. JS saw BG and he's smiling creepily. She said John Mayer I think you also lack honesty. His smile disappeared. SK is rushing to the scene. The attendants took out a walking canes and helped JS stood up. She smiles as she tried to stood up. QD is shocked. She said she can only stand for 10 minutes but if she can get used to it then she can stand longer. They're trying to make peace with North so they need everyone's help and the world's support. She bows and everyone's claps. QD is watching from the TV and red with tears, so proud of her daughter. BG doesn't look happy. The countries representative are having meeting about the safety of the WOC. They discussed about the explosion and argue. The head guy decides to make a vote. The 2 keys of US and Korean Team dangling. KR team has won. JH came to the US team and said let's go together. US captain said their boat comes in 30'. JH said why do you want to wait, let's go together and said they have seat. So US teams came over. They exchanged badge and laughing and clapping. What a nice atmosphere~~~ They going off in laugher. The reporter is reporting the result. Now they are having a party to celebrate. The US team is there to and the seem so happy. The reporter asks about the engagement and HA is shy JH said of course they will get engaged. BG is watching this from TV and asks when is the engagement. He picks up the phone. SK is discussing security with his team then phone rings. It's from BG. He asks his team to leave. BG asks why he likes JH and that they are the same. SK hangs up but BG calls again. He asks do you believe in your dad. He said blind faith is poisonThis leaves SK puzzled. KT calls JH and said BG wants to see him. JH agrees. JH and HA are in first class maybe private plane. HA is worried telling him don't meet BG. JH said I'll be careful and meet him. KT asks if BG call SK. SK said he wants SK to serve him. KT just said don't talk to him too much. SK remembers what BG said about his dad. JH is meeting with BG. He said you're getting more calm. Let's stop this tug of war. He said he's sorry, ok. BG is trying to make JH made. He said he will donate big amount, not KRW but US dollars. JH asks if he shoot his gf because he wants to act like him. He said he regrets shooting HA but at least he has the conscience but BG doesn't. Looks like JH got the lead now. BG doesn't look happy saying then they will be like pigs fighting. He held out his hand congratulate JH's engagement. JH said what is this with a serious look. BG said just be happy, your highness. Now everyone is going to the engagement. The guards are checking everyone. There are ppl waving NK and SK's flags. The reporter is reporting and the crowds suddenly stand up cheering. JH is driving the car with his fiancee and everyone cheers for them. JS is in her gym outfit going through therapy. She's trying hard but falls down. The assistants came over but she said she's ok. She is sweating. Saying in her thought, brother sis I will do my best. BG is spreading out is tarot and said something. The engagement is going on but dramatic music is going. BG flips a card and it's Queen of Swords then he laughs. At the party, the crowd cheers as HA walks from behind the stage. JH takes her hand and walks down the stairs. Suddenly a video of Jae Kang is playing. QD and JH are shocked. It was KT's doing. He suddenly got a message and left. JK is reading a congratulatory message to JH and HA. It is a precorded video JK said if each of them promise to represent their countries and stay together and protect their countries. HA said yes to the video. BG is still playing with the tarot card. The next card he flips along the Queen of Swords is King of (got covered by the Queen card). BG looks happy. JK video said do you promise? Both JH and HA said yes. BG gave out his evil laughs. JH and HA are smiling happily. There's no sound in the background but only heartbeats. END Preview Looks like something bad happen. JH is crying and lying with his head on HA's laps. JH got angry with SK. QD and HA got kidnapped and BB was there, she shot one guy to the heart! Seems ominous thing happened at the engagement. HA drops the red wine and it spills on her dress Phew! That's it for today! Can't wait for tomorrow! I'm loving HA's fashion!
thank you !
thank you so much! =)
@Lheji: you're welcome, I'm not native Korean so I might miss something but I tried to give as much details as possible. Just wanna do my best for K2H fans :)
THANKS!!!!!! tomorrow again hehehe xD
I've watched it live but didn't understand most of it. Thanks to you I'll be able to get the full story and be able to sleep well....Tomorrow will be our couple's kiss hope you'll do us the favor of live-recapping it again.
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I'm pretty satisfied with the current dramascape, in terms of my biases taking on dramas left and right (Yoon Eun Hye doing I Miss You, Park Shi Hoo coming out with Cheongdamdong Alice, which is going to be terrible but lets delusion ourselves here for a moment) But a ton of my beloved actors and actresses have been missing in action, some for years, others for months and their absence has been equally upsetting to me. Here is my list of actors and actresses that need a comeback, in order of priority: Actors - 1) Jung Il Woo - I know that Moon That Embraces the Sun is quite recent but I last seen him in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and it was the drama that made me fall in love with him. His acting can be a little too much but he is such delicious eye candy; he needs to do another comedy so I can be simultaneously smitten and entertained by him. 2) Lee Min Ki - I've only watched Dal Ja's Spring and Shut Up Flower Boy Band with him but this guy is a powerhouse both in acting and looks. It's a shame that it's been years since he starred in a drama. At this point, I don't have much hope left for his comeback, do you? 3) Lee Dong Wook - his last drama (Wild Romance) is comparably recent although it does feel like it's been a long time ago. I haven't managed to get into that drama so it's been a LDW drought for me since Scent of a Woman. Earnestly waiting and hoping for another project from him! 4) Hyun Bin - he is been in the army in the last two years leaving a huge void in the kdrama industry that no one has managed to fill. Can he announce his new project like next week? 5) Seo In Guk - yes, I know his recent drama is really really recent (Answer Me 1997, just this summer) but I already want this guy back on my screen! Besides, his costar Eun Ji has moved on to a new drama and he should too. Update: ohh, apparently Seo In Guk is in a drama right now! It's a weekend/family drama called Rascal Sons. How did it fly under my radar! Actresses - 1) Han Hyo Joo - she is a big bias of mine ever since Spring Waltz and Brilliant Legacy. She has been doing a lot of movies but nothing on the kdrama front. Again, at this point I've lost hope that she will ever come back to dramas. 2) Ha Ji Won - loved, loved her performance in King2hearts and since I have no problems with typecasting nothing will make me more happy than to see her comeback with another badass and awesome role. 3) Yoo In Na - she has totally won me over with her performance in Queen In Huyn's Man and I'm really looking forward to seeing her adorable smile back on screen. 4) Kim Sun Ah - her latest project I Do, I Do is also quite recent but there can never be too much Kim Sun Ah, ever! I feel her range of characters becomes more limiting as she gets older but I'm always amazed at how well she delivers in every single role she takes on. 5) Seo Ye Jin - I've only seen her in Personal Taste but I really enjoyed her acting in that drama. She's been doing movies it seems, but no one cares about those, so she better do another drama! Honorable mention goes to Jang Geun Suk who I miss dearly but who is going through some crazy phase making bizarre MVs in Japan and clubbing and I give him permission to enjoy himself before he comes back to dramas. For the actresses, honorable mention goes out to Suzy who needs another main lead role! (so we can all forget the horror that was Big) Did I miss anyone important? Who do you want to see make a comeback?
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