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Kim Kibum is known for 2 things..... his acting as Geun Eun-Dong in 'I love Lee Tae-Ri' and as the 13th (now 12) member of SUPER JUNIOR. He's probably more well know for his acting aince he only made an appearance in their debut album 'Twins' which was released in 2005.
When it was 13, Super Junior were the known as the flower boys and wild card of SM Entertainment since the ending reign of H.O.T.
Despite not being an active SUPER JUNIOR member since debut, SM and the other members are evry understanding. On Radio Star the members were asked about Kim's hiatus and continued status as a SuJu member. "Kim Ki Bum is still a member of our Super Junior.  More than a singer, his goal is to be an actor.  He doesn't promote as a singer.  If he has an intention to be a singer [again], we are of the mind to accept him once again." .....and thats the reason why SuJu is ultimate SM bias group. 슈퍼주니어오빠화이팅! ~♡♡♡