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TLC announced today that for the SECOND TIME it will be canceling a show upon finding out that one of its stars is involved in a case of sexual assault. Of course, they didn't phrase it that way.
Today, 19 Kids and Counting was finally cancelled, after over a month of intense criticism. One of the many Duggar sons was accused a while back of sexually assaulting his own sisters, but has never been convicted of anything.
This scandal follows another sexual assault scandal on the "family-friendly" network. Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (don't even get me started on this show) was accused of dating a child molester who sexually assaulted one of the daughters on the show. After some time, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was also cancelled. In my rude opinion, the show should have been cancelled much earlier for just being really bad, but that's a different story.
Anyways, the point here is TLC, what the hell?! You're the network that brought us Trading Spaces, Say Yes to the Dress and other wholesome TV. Where are the character background checks? Where is the supervision of your shows? Without those things, your network is sending some pretty negative messages to its viewers (plenty of whom are children).
To be fair, TLC has agreed to create a documentary raising awareness for child sexual abuse that will air on the network next month. A positive step in the right direction.
For now, TLC, you've got work to do, rebranding your network and ensuring that you keep these terrible people out of your shows from now on.
Also, please god, stop airing My Strange Addiction.
@LauraFisher Exactly. It makes me wonder what other characters have some sketchy pasts.
Agreed @JordanNash I'm not quite sure what they were waiting for to cancel! It's pretty terrible and gives the network such a bad name. More than that, as a fairly frequent viewer of TLC (although I don't like to admit it), I've lost tons of trust in every single one of its shows. If this was a one time thing, I don't know, but TWICE in the same year. Yikes.
I completely agree with you that TLC needs to do a little more checking when it comes to the characters on their shows. I also think that the network should have moved much faster in both of these situations. By not canceling the show until a month after it happened, they have lost a lot of my trust and faith in the company to move swiftly if one of their employees is not upholding the network's values.