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Probably one of the most spectacular roses I have ever seen in person, the Honey Dijon rose is MAGNIFICENT! What was first introduced in 2005, the golden brown colored beauty is one of the most bizarre hybrids ever created. Mostly, because its extremely fragrant, though most hybrids lose this quality in the horticulture process. It is also quite revered for its brown hued saturation, While many creamy-brown roses have appeared, this one grows quite early in the season and retains rich burnt mustard-brown coloration. But don't be mistaken, these are not 'yellow' or 'cream' roses.
Another striking feature of the Honey Dijon is the startling, yet stunning flecks of pink and magenta on the guard petals and those above. The petal count for these roses are double with crowns as wide as seven inches in diameter when fully opened. The stems are a richly dark green with shiny leaves.
The tea rose is known to grow itself, it does that well, in Southern California, Arizona, Texas and Mexico. If you're looking to expand your rose garden to include these, it's advised to pick from bare-root roses as these will perform better than any other in the acclimation and growth process.