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The Most 90's Red Carpet Moments of 1999

As a follow-up to my card about red carpet fashion in the year 2000, I'm jumping back one year to 1999, when the crazy fashion of the 90's that we all both love and hate came to its peak. Here are the most 90's red carpet looks sported by our favorite celebs in the year 1999.
Above: Mandy Moore during the height of her popularity at the 1999 Billboard Music Awards, wearing an odd combo of tartan silk and pink knit.
The most well known of red carpet fiasco's (or wins depending on how you look at it!) was Lil' Kim's one-shouldered and one-breasted look at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards.
Jessica Alba looking fresh faced at the Cruel Intentions premiere, wearing head-to-toe black knit and, most shocking of all, flat loafers!
A young Britney Spears wearing a skillfully placed furry collar and long blonde locks, experimenting with quirky-sexpot outfits early on in her career.
Sheryl Crow baring serious belly at the 1999 Grammy's. It looks like a bold choice now to forgo the dress for a cropped top and slacks, but look at her haircut and keep in mind that the times have changed.
Reese Witherspoon looking not quite like the chic star we know her to be today, at the 1999 premiere of Cruel Intentions. I'd like to know what designer put her in that Maid Marion-worthy top, but I'm guessing they'd sooner die of shame than align themselves with this look.
Will Smith's suit of leather and Jada Pinkett Smith's entire beige look at the 1999 Grammy's. It's true that leather never goes out of style, but I'm not quite sure that leather formalwear for men was ever in style.
And finally, what would this list be without Destiny's Child in fully coordinated outfits courtesy of Tina Knowles? While we can cry all day about how much we miss their music, I can safely say that I miss their matchy-matchy red carpet appearances even more.
I totally agree @jordanhamilton!
I'm glad Lil Kim has calmed down a bit since this era of fashion. BRING BACK THE 90S!
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