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While I can't exactly figure out who the middle chic is...(Dara?) I believe it is well known that Big Bang are "The Nation's Boy Band" according to various media outlets in Korea. I think everyone looks up to them. And it's no secret why...I mean they broke huge records with "Lies" and "Haru Haru" And each of their members brings something unique. G-Dragon and TOP bring in the swag, the amazing, life-altering lyrics! And don't get me started on their looks! You can't help loving them! 馃槅鉂わ笍
Question: Who's Damon and who's Stefan? To me both gd and top seem like they could fit Damon's character
& I think the girl is bom maybe ? Idk
On stage both could pass as Damon. but I've noticed off stage is where you see their true personalities. GD is more reserved and VERY shy compared to TOP who seems more playful and definitely secretive and sensual. @l3sli3larock3r @JustinaNguyen GD= Stefan & TOP=Damon
@JustinaNguyen that's a hard one isn't it? I guess if you HAD to decide TOP is more Damon and G-Dragon is Stefan. G-Dragon is the more nice, sensitive one whilst Top is more secretive and sensual type hahaha
Def bom
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