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If you want to dance salsa, but don't know the basic steps, this doesn't mean your two left feet should be glued to the ground. My love, you should be moving those limbs when your favorite salsa song comes on. You're going to learn how to dance salsa, without knowing how to dance salsa.

Whip Your Hair Back And Forth

Everyone will be so distracted by your hair whipping, your foot movement will be the last thing anyone ever think about it. Whip it real good. You'll look like a pro, I guarantee it. And this isn't just for the ladies, my guys with the man hair buns, release those scrunchies and let that hair go wild.

Go To A Really Packed Dance Club

Not only can we not see your wobbly legs, you'll also have a reason as to why you cannot do your wild salsa dips and turns. There just isn't enough space. "Oh, my god! This place is so packed -- it's hindering my ability to really show these people my professional dance skills"

Drunk Salsa

If you're drunk, people will just blame the cans of PBR you chugged earlier. You'll be the star of the dance club, and you'll probably get some laughs. You obviously can't dance salsa, because you're wasted. That is what everyone will think.

Be Confident. Be You. Have Fun.

No matter how you move it, if you're fun and confident, nobody will worry how your moves are just not right. Enjoy the salsa music and have fun!
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That's my favorite part about packed clubs in general! No one can see that I just stand there and fist pump.
@danidee Why am I not surprised... XD
Or you could just have a one dance that you do to every song
haha like the macarena! @TerrecaRiley
@alywoah lol...dwl