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Every so often, 'Jeopardy' (aka easily one of the most boring game shows on network television) does something awkward that brings it back to relevancy. Whether it's a guy who's been the show champion for over 70 shows straight or a contestant who says a wrong response that makes things a little bit awkward, something always brings us back.

Today: It's Alex Trebek being forced into speak-singing the chorus of Rihanna's "Umbrella".

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who hit replay. I am dying. That last bit was seriously brutal in the best way possible. He needs back-up like a hypeman or a fly dancer or something.
Where's Swifty when you need her?
God I can't stop laughing hahahaahhaha i'm just rolling aroun laughing why am i awake
Love Trebek, he's like TV's grandpa...have you seen the one where he raps the fresh prince theme song? so adorable.
@onesmile I keep laughing too.. I don't know why the eh eh eh part is so funny. It sounds like the vocal equivalent of a sad trombone..
@LauraFisher Noooo! I haven't seen it! Show meeee.