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So for Halloween (and possibly ComicCon NYC) my boyfriend and I are cosplaying Gomez and Morticia Addams. Naturally, I'm starting my cosplay very soon. So you'll see a lot about Morticia on here now. Here's how I've decided on doing my makeup (first try, so it's not perfect).
My hair is back in a weird thing because I haven't gotten a wig yet. I used the lightest LUSH foundation they make, white, grey, and black eyeshadows, Volumizing mascara, liquid liner, and red matte lip tar. I contoured with grey eyeshadow.
This is such a great couples' cosplay idea! I feel like you really got the eye shadow and contour down! Are you going to do the nails as well?
@shannonl5 Yeah I am, but that should be pretty easy, just red acrylics. The hard part will be making my dress. I've gotta make it because none of the ones people seek look authentic enough.
@MollyCaitlin44 oof yeah I bet. Do you know what material you're gonna use yet?
@shannonl5 I'm using black velvet, floral lace, and web lace. I also have to use various ribbons, chains, and rhinestones for the designs.