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Well, this is one way to show patriotism. Wearing red, white and blue is so old school. Why not wear a bodice with replicas of the Capitol building as bra cups?
The dress looks arguably even more creepy and weird from the front. This would be a great costume for a Halloween party or costume party. Just be careful about where those Capitol bra cups go — they could do some serious damage.
This creative piece was part of Jeremy Scott's 2007 Spring Collection, which featured other interesting patriotic-inspired pieces, including a dress that featured a Constitution print. If you need to brush up on your rights as an American, don't worry — just look down at your dress!
The collection did have some absolutely beautiful pieces, like this Statue of Liberty-inspired draped dress. However, there were some other interesting and incredibly unwearable pieces in the collection.
Who doesn't want the faces of four rather old men spread across your breasts? This Mount Rushmore-inspired dress would sure be a conversation-starter.
This is one way to show your care for the environment. No need for a sticker on your laptop about how much you love the environment. Just throw on this dress with wind turbine bra cups and everyone will know exactly where your passions lie.

You do you, Jeremy Scott.

@Gavriella me too! He always pushes the envelope so much! Yeah @nicolejb I would totally wear a shirt or skirt in that print because I'm just a history nerd haha. I do really love the Statue of Liberty one. I would buy that in a heartbeat
OMG. This is just... omg.
WTF!! just... WTF!!
I'm afraid to know what Jeremy Scott would do to the Washington Monument.
yeah forreal @JordanNash!! who wants heads on their boobs? haha...I really did like the Constitution print one though. I would wear that.
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