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Do u wanna b? Block B! What up BBCs! Many of you already know but for those who don't Block B has two contests currently going on! Sorry the 2nd video has no english subs on youtube but you can find the english subs in the kcon facebook page! i recommend watching them because these silly dorks act silly~ BBC PRIDE <3
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@BlockBVillains OMG! Dude I know I'm so pumped!!! Ima pass out!!! lol XD
@CristelaLoz ooooohhhhhh guuuuuurrrrrll~ same here xD I swear each day I just get more creepy and weird as kcon gets closer and closer x)
@BlockBVillains Lol are you serious XD that's fabulous XD we'll probably just pass out the day we first walk in XD
@CristelaLoz pfftt I know huh? xD but I can't! I have a mission to accomplish on Friday!
@BlockBVillains hahaha that's what my friend said lol XD