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Well, looks like Joseph Gordon Levitt has found his ideal mate, and it’s not a cute and young as you’d expect (cough cough Zooey Deschanel take notes). He’s evolved into liking what he calls: “The Sexy Motha."
His reasoning: Moms love unconditionally, Just a bit of that love would be enough for me.
The video goes onto explain all of the many reason why including: financial stability, eating organic, being best friends with their kid, and wanting to "give them chromosomes a happy home."

Watch and FREAK OUT:

This video is everything and more. Joseph nails it on the vocals, but come with just the right amount of jokes. No one can deny that the song and humor are both spectacular.
But is anyone else a little creeped out by what I can only call an Oedipus Complex? ...Sure it’s not THEIR mom, but it’s still a bit weird.
Props to all the moms out there though. It sure does make mom’s look good (in a nice way, but also a dirty weird sexy way.)
Let's get busy puttin' money in a college fund.
If you a mother, let's get our debt restructured.
We can pay off our student loans,
And then go upstairs and bone.
I thought I recognized him from something @danidee...I love how funny people all get together and do funny things!
I went to go hunt down who the other guy was, and he's from Autotune The News!!!