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I saw this game posted on Kpop Amino by AegyoOppa. I thought it was super fun and wanted to share it on Vingle too. Basically, the following 9 gifs below will reveal who you got as your best friend, boyfriend, husband etc of BTS. My Results: Bestfriend: Jhope Boyfriend YR 1-4: V Loses Virginity To: Jungkook Confesses At Uni: Jhope Has His Love Child: Jimin Marry Him And Have 3 More Kids: Jimin Even thought I didnt marry my bias (V) I'd be okay marrying Jimin . What are everyones results? I'd love to see!
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Best Friend- JHope BF #1- JHope BF #2- V BF #3- Rap Monster BF #4- JHope Loses Virginity To- JungKook Confesses at Uni- Jin Have His Love Child- Jung Kook Marry & 3 Kids- V
Best Friend: Jungkook BF Yr1: Taehyung BF Yr2: Taehyung BF Yr3: J-Hope BF Yr4: RapMon Virginity: Taehyung Confesses at Uni: Yoongi Love child: Jungkook Marry + 3 kids: J-Hope
It said suga was bf yr1 and that I would have his love child lol good enough for me xD
Jin is my best friend, Jimin is my boyfriend for two years, then Jhope fit a year, then rapmon for a year. I lost for virginity to Jimin and he confesses to me at uni馃槒 but somehow I end up with Jin's love child and then marry namjoon and have three kids. lol wtf what a twisted fate...and yet I'm quite happy with it lol