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Henry is a master at serenading girls, specially since he is such a flirt. Which idol would you want to serenade you? And how would you like to be serenaded? There is a catch though, it cannot be GD or T.O.P. Why? Let's be honest with ourselves, they are not the type to serenade someone.
I personally would not mind being serenaded by Henry Lau, Daesung, Yesung, Sungmin, or Taeyang because their voices are just to die for. However I am leaning more toward Tae and Henry.
I'll be greedy and say I'd love to be serenaded by both Taeyang AND Daesung. Imagine the harmonies they'd make. X)
@drummergirl691 OMG!!!! You have put a wonderful image in my head ♡♡♡
@FabiolaGavina you're welcome. ^_^