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When I was a kid I seemed to always have a gummy treat in my mouth. As an adult, my tastes have not changed one bit! And while you can buy gummy kits from craft stores, why not just do it yourself?
You need a single-serving soft drink like Coca-Cola (or whatever you drink) in a plastic bottle. I bet Mountain Dew would be amazing!
Empty the contents as you will be cutting the plastic bottle in half lengthwise.
Split the center.
Use scissors to cut out half of the bottle--keeping the cap area intact.
Discard the half that is missing the cap.
In a bowl add a 300 ml of soft drink.
Stir with a metal spoon to eliminate as much carbonation bubbles as possible.
In a pot mix water mix in 60g of unflavored gelatin.
Over medium heat, stir until everything becomes completely liquefied.
Add the hot gelatin to the cola in the bowl--stirring together until well incorporated. Fill your mould with this new combination liquid and set in the refrigerator for at least an hour.
After it's been refrigerated you can unscrew the cap and peel back the plastic to release the mould. It's going to be an exact half-replica of a coke bottle that you can chew in gummy fashion!
If you want to see how the top 1/3 of the gummy was made golden, you'll have to watch the video.
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This makes my heart so happy. Those mini gummy cola bottles are seriously my favorite candy, so a giant and equally delicious one that I can make myself is definitely going to be reserved for my 'treat yourself' days.
@DaniaChicago I just want it... everyday, any day
I WANT GELATIN!!! I went to the store twice to look for gummies and there was none. I give up! I'll be on my journey to making my own now! Thank you @DaniaChicago for making this card... for me :D
You are so very welcome @TerrecaRiley I thought this was a lot of fun and something everyone should do with it being summertime! I feel like EVERY MONDAY is 'treat yourself' day for me @danidee