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Remember him?

Zoey 101 star Paul Butcher is doing better than ever and it's insane to think that the Nickelodeon actor has grown up. Dustin was everyone's favorite little brother and though Butcher is still clinging onto his famous role, it seems like he's finally moving onto bigger and better things. Isn't it crazy to think that he's 21 years old now!?
So he really likes selfies. REALLY likes them. Probably too much.
His Instagram is a giant collection of selfies and pictures of him as a childhood star with famous celebrities. He looks drastically different and his features are much more defined now that he's older. But he seems to be really happy!
His new business endeavor is attempting to be a pop star. He's about to release his single 'Stop Callin'. His voice is okay but is extremely auto-tuned. Butcher sounds just like every other pop boy band singer. He's done more than just singing though : voice over on King of the Hill, appearance on TV series My Music and Criminal Minds, and most recently, made an appearance on Comedy Bang! Bang!.

Are you still a fan?

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woah woah woah i do not believe this....i also can only remember his high-pitched girly voice from Zoey 101 so I'm not sure i actually believe that this is him..