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link: https://yakorea.com/top-ugly-k-pop-idols/ never have i ever seen such a blatantly rude attack at idol members than this article right here. what gives you the right to deem someone too ugly for tv broadcast? you're sitting behind a computer screen writing an article bashing the people who are on the tv and computer screens in front of you. these people have all worked incredibly hard to be where they are, and to belittle them like so is awful. i don't know who approved of making this article, but i hope they're looking for a new job. the words 'ugly' and 'pretty are extremely subjective. maybe to these writers these guys aren't the best looking, but that in no way gives them the right to ridicule them like this. there's more to being 'ugly' or 'pretty' than just your outside appearance, and i may not know what these writers look like, but they have really 'ugly' personalities. link: https://yakorea.com/top-ugly-k-pop-idols/
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@CrystalBlunt exactly! this article is honestly so offensive and unnecessary, i don't understand why they would even write it...
jealousy obviously
Thank you for posting this...I never expected an article this insolent would ever be published
@LmJSuper right? whoever approved of this article enough to publish it needs to not be a writer anymore lol it wasn't satirical, it wasn't useful. it was literally a completely useless post made to mock idols.
Wow. The idols they blatantly listed, are ones that have a personality and cute as a button. Daesung especially is adorable. My blood pressure has risen over this poorly written article. Three of my biases were listed, which are far from ugly in my eyes.