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Highest paid entertainer in the world just scored another jackpot : H&M Holiday.
Katy Perry is officially the new covergirl for H&M and she's so excited! It looks like H&M is rolling out a really comfy and fashionable sweater line that Perry dazzles in. Hmmm are turtle necks making a comeback? Though H&M hasn't yet released the full holiday campaign, fans are getting a nice taste of this year's holiday style. Perry also scored the series of fall-winter 2015 campaign for Moschino since she's the new face for them too. Two brands for the win!

“H&M was one of the places where I first began cultivating my personal style. I have continued to love integrating H&M pieces into my wardrobe throughout the years. One of the reasons I love the holidays is being able to dress cozy and cute, which H&M executes so well for every budget."

And of course she had to Instagram the BIG NEWS!