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I decided to do the Kpop Phone Challenge :3 Here's my phone background xD it's Ren from NU'EST xD my male bias :3
here is the first few songs on my playlist :)
Here is my recently veiwed videos on YouTube. I never even heard of Chad Future until he followed me on Twitter with a dude called OMJamie who does Kpop violin covers.
These 10 pics are about half of all my pictures. And pretty much all of them are Amber Liu, and a few which arent shown are of Ren.
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I thought he was a beautiful guy when I first saw him and then one day bam! He became handsome
Aaaaaaaaamber <3
@heidichiesa He became my bias when he had long hair, in my opinion, nothing changed when he cut his hair. He's still the same cutie pie maknae he always was. @VixenViVi I know :) Amber was my very first bias
@NinjaGirlEmber don't get me wrong he is and always has been cute. the only difference for me when he cut his hair is I stopped using words like beautiful and started using handsome to describe him
@heidichiesa I know, just in my opinion, he's always been handsome and sexy