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Taylor Swift doesn't like her face on Justin Bieber's body. K.

Taylor Swift's face was photoshopped onto Justin Bieber's body by Miley Cyrus and Swift didn't really appreciate it...we think.
Cyrus is notorious for making goofy photoshopped pictures but this one went a little too far for Swift. And as Swift responded in her way, it was definitely considered sassy to some and to others, to the point. Most fans were saying that Swift is very careful in everything she posts so it'd be interesting to see what she really meant. Some said Cyrus wasn't even trying to throw shade at Swift so it makes no sense with how Swift responded.
Bieber has tried to reunite and rekindle his friendship with Swift now that she's super famous but she's not interested especially since her BFF is Selena Gomez, Bieber's ex.
Regarding Swift's response, I guess we'll never know what she meant...

Here's the picture.

Swift simply replied with, "Sending you love."
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Cyrus is such a joke. she's only famous cause of her dad