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lock screen: EXO Sehun
music: i don't have any music on my phone ;; so instead here's my clock! haha clock: WINNER
home screen: EXO [FORMER MEMBER] Luhan
recent youtube history: - EXO's Promise (약속) Fanmade MV ; practicing this song for an audition ^^ - Big Bang's Bang Bang Bang (뱅뱅뱅) ; workout song! - Big Bang's Bae Bae ; just a song i like to listen too hahaha - Big Bang's Loser ; also just a song i like to listen too~ - TVXQ!'s Keep Your Head Down (왜) ; tbh i clicked this song by accident hahaha but it is a good song! - TVXQ!'s Mirotic (주문) ; OT5 feels!! - BTOB's You're So Fly (넌 감동이야) ; the cutest btob song haha~
camera roll photos: mostly consist of selcas (lol), my puppies, food, BTS (mainly Jungkook), EXO (mainly Sehun, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kai, and former members Luhan and Kris), and B.A.P (all members)
awww thanks for tagging me!! I'll try to do it asap :)
@ErinGregory awh he's so cute!! he looks like a sweet little angel~ haha
@ErinGregory omg what's your son's name? :-)
@ephneyt awww ofc!!
@tayunnie of course i had to tag a fellow b2uty~ haha and tag me when you do it! ^^
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