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So...recently I've been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo. I kind of go back and forth. My main dilemma is getting a tattoo that I will NEVER get tired of. But I also want practice wearing it, to get used to it, that sort of stuff.
Then I came across Jeffree Star! OMG! I never heard of this guy before. He is BEAUTIFUL! OMG! His tattoos are sick! (Obviously, way too many for me. But I love the look!)
Then I discovered Sienna Spalding created a Jeffree Star look that I thought was dead-on! What I discovered in this video is the trick for pulling off fake tattoos so that it looks legit.
1. Get tattoos that have an appearance of something artistic
2. Take your time applying the fake tattoo (according to manufacturer instructions)
3. With gel makeup and a fine tip brush, apply shading, lines and dots to add depth
4. While black gel will work, it's best to use gray or dark brown to give the appearance of age
5. Confidence is king; don't be shy about wearing and owning your tattoo
What do you think of this gorgeous neck piece? It's totally fake and will come right off. I am in love with it. My fiance wouldn't be thrilled, but this is about concept and technique to make a fake tattoo look legit!
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Meant to say Tatts. Stupid auto correct. lols
Nice. I have 13 real tarts and I still put on fake tarts and draw art on my skin with tattoo pens.
Hate autocorrect! hahaha I love thorny rose tatts. i was thinking about something like that.