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Everyone talks about hiding tattoos for job interviews and weddings and all that sort of stuff. But honestly, sometimes you just need it to hide from MOM AND DAD! Truth or what?!?!
I recently shared that I am looking to get a tattoo--I don't have one yet. But I also wanted to look into how easy or hard it would be to cover up a tattoo without a medical procedure.
It's AMAZING the things you can do with a red lipstick!
I am going to attach a video so you can see for yourself, but you basically just need four everyday beauty products that you already have:
Red lipstick
"Cool" concealer
Concealer (that matches your skin type naturally)
Setting powder

The TRICK is covering your tattoo first with a red lipstick.


1. After you've completely covered the tattoo with lipstick, apply a small amount of "cool" concealer and let it dry.
2. Next, apply a coat of your normal skin type concealer and let dry.
3. Follow this by dusting with setting powder.
And you're done! As an option, you could prime your tattoo first and then add lipstick and everything else. It's up to you. Depends on how well your makeup sticks to your skin.
Have you seen my faux tattoo card? You gotta see this! It's inspired by the infamous Jeffree Star! Click here to see it!
Awesome Sauce 馃槈馃憤馃憦馃憦
Wow I had no idea! I'll definitely use this when I need to cover my tattoos!
I really want to get one @TessStevens Like on my arm, on the inside between my wrist and elbow. I just don't know what to get!