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Taiwanese girls seem to all be so beautiful and slim... seems like one of their beauty secrets is the Apple + Milk diet! Very popular in Taiwan, with 5 stars given for being economical and also safe! Instructions are: Every time you diet, it is only for 2 days, after which you revert back to your usual eating habits on days 3 & 4, before going back to the apple + milk diet after that. Repeat for 3 weeks to see stable results. Day 1: You're allowed 1 kg of apples (5-6, no more than 7) During this day, you can only eat apples, no water, no yoghurt, nothing else. Day 2: Use either 1 litre of yoghurt or fatfree milk, divide into 6 portions, and drink 1 portion each time. Only drink this, you're not allowed to eat anything else, and if you are thirsty drink this instead of water. Best results are when apples and milk are eaten separately and not together. The reason why for not drinking water is to reduce bloating and to get rid of the existing water content in our bodies. After day 1 of eating apples and no water, the weight you lose is water weight, but after day 2 you start to lose actual fat as your water weight is already depleted. Anyone wants to give this a try??? Source:
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sounds funny but i'm interested to try this. :)) will see..
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i will definitely try this. wish me luck, i might need it lol!
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@StephiiKins, you can make it. fighting! lol!
4 years ago·Reply
@cri14335 fighting! lol, thanks
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"not drinking water is to reduce bloating and to get rid of the existing water content in our bodies" no. so much no. it does not work like that, you body will actually RETAIN more water because it's getting less of it! the only reason you may not be bloated is because you're eating so little
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