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Whenever my friends or family needs to use my phone or check something and they're non-kpoppers, they're like, "why is your cover an Asian guy?" And then the whole explanation begins馃槀 hey! Kpop idols are hot!!!
I used to be really careful with it. If someone asked me what kind of music I liked then I would be very vague. But then I realized that being like that was insulting myself and any other Kpop fan as well... So now I tell the truth. And if they think I'm weird then so be it. We all know they're missing out. :-D
Lol happened to me today my friend was all like "WHO IN THE WORLD ARE THESE HOT MEN AND WHERE CAN I FIND THEM?!"
@l3sli3larock3r my family as well they think im weird. I think they're weird for not liking it all with me. (kpop) (k-dramas) (Gdragon & top)
The fact that I'm Chinese has helped me avoid those questions.
Such an awkward explanation hahahah Sometimes I just change my background to avoid questiosn
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