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I was nominated by @ephneyt. Thanks! I nominate anyone who hasn't done one yet, but most specifically my sister @LupeGavina.
I have a Galaxy Note 4 phone and just like in Kdramas, I have one of those cool cases that cover the whole phone. At the front cover there is a "glass window" that allows me to see who calls without opening the cover. The wallpaper on that tiny screen is this picture.
I don't have a password to my phone, so when ever I open the phone cover it automatically goes to this. The second picture on this block is just so you can enjoy the whole BIGBANG members.
These are screenshots of my downloads related to Kpop. I have more downloads but they are not related to kpop. Oh, and sorry, but if you look closely there are some non kpop related downloads, but to my defense I do like other things not related to kpop.
I think most of this Playlits are pretty self explanatory. The Star playlist however gives no hint of what type of music it contains. It contains music from GD, Seungri, Bigbang, SuJu, Henry, 2NE1, Winner, Se7en, SHINee, EXO, Taeyang... basically it is my Kpop mix, and I listen to this playlist the most. My playlist "Mix" includes my Kpop playlist and American music including pop and rock, and old Mexican music (the type of music my parents would listen to), and Spanish music. I live classical, and even my classical music includes Korean artist, Yiruma. If he was not married I would have married him.
This is something extra. My phone has this app where I can take notes/draw so when I am bored bored I draw with the stylus that comes with the phone. I draw many things but this one is of Bigbang. I am not good at drawing so I am kind of embarrassed to share this with you all, therefore please just say it looks amazing even if you think thet look nothing like the idols.
the drawing is cute~ and omg the butt touch on your wall paper hahahaha
@ephneyt OMG I had not noticed!!!! I'm dying now HAHAHA!
OK CHALLENGE ON! HOW DO I DO THIS?!!! Lol !!! So do we start a separate "Card" OOOOO KAAAYYYY IM ON IT!!!! I will be "Adding" mines as soon as i get together!
@LupeGavina I actually wasn't sure either. I just kind of went with what the other people have posted. scree shot of wallpaper, downloads, and music played.
And what do I do here?
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