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I feel like binge watching tonight, any suggestions?
It's impossible to watch only one! And I'll bring up my Hulu list... let's see... 1. Boys Before Flowers, of course. 2. The Master's Sun 3. Fated to Love You (either version) 4. We Got Married (original or international) 5. Faith 6. Protect the Boss 7. My Love From Another Star 8. My Girl 9. Mary Stayed Out All Night 10. You're Beautiful 11. Healer 12. Blade Man 13. Hyde, Jekyll, and I Out of those, my personal favorites are: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, and 13. :-) If I could only choose three... 2, 10, and 13. xD
I binged watched kill me heal dang goooddddd
you know whats a really good one that you will get a laugh out of? The Lovers
Orange Marmalade, and The Scholar Who Walks The Night. To forewarn you though, these dramas are currently still on air. So you have to suffer till the next episode comes out (which is weekly). Both are available on Viki.
School 2015. Simply amazing.
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