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Any good dramas to recommend?
I feel like binge watching tonight, any suggestions?
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you know whats a really good one that you will get a laugh out of? The Lovers
I'm currently watching My Beautiful Bride, Mask, Hidden Identity, and Orange Marmalade. It's painful waiting on new episodes of My Beautiful Bride
OOOOH I GOT SOME GOOD ONE XD 1. Secret Garden 2. My Girlfriend is a gumiho 3. Tamara the Island 4. What's Up 5. To the beautiful you 6. Gu family Book 7. Shut Up Flower Boy Band 8. Good Doctor 9.I hear your voice 10.Ma Boy (it's only 3 episodes but it's super cute xD) 11. Rooftop Prince 12. You're all surrounded 13. Bridal Mask 14. Breadmaker kim tak gu (a little long but REALLY good) 15. Sungkyunkwan Scandal 16.Dream Knight (mini series) 17.Full House take 2 18. After school season 1(also a mini series) I'm sorry if this is too much lol I LOVE korean dramas and movies so when someone asks for a recommendation I go into HYPERDRIVE XD
@JonesyonMars I'm sorry lol I hope you enjoy them, I know I did, but it did take a while to finish them all xD