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It's like Nsync right?
K-Pop is huge on Vingle, and as an avid Vingler, I've attempted to engage with K-Pop...but there is a lot I don't know. In fact I have no idea what or who it is. Is it a person?
Here's my not so professional, not so correct, but probably humorous interpretation of K-Pop.
Here's to my favorite K-Pop aficionados on Vingle
Feel free to make fun of me forever.
Ok so K Pop, short for Korean Pop music right? Cool...I think I get it.
So they must be like, boybands and stuff right?

I know Hyuna, she's pretty cool. Good style. That Bubble Pop song came on at some parties I went to in college.

But she's not a boyband, she's a solo artist.
So K Pop isn't just about boybands... in fact I've never heard of a Korean boyband...except Big Bang...right? They're a thing. I think they just played in New York.
Hey they're cute.
I'm also digging that Eagle sweater, so like...that's good right?
K Pop seems like a fandom thing where people get really obsessed with certain stars right?
I could get behind that, kind of like my obsession with Justin Timberlake. He was in a boyband.
If Justin Timberlake were a pop star in Korea, would he be a K Popper!?


So K Pop is a genre of music, a group of people and a way of life. I think, just like American Pop music, and the people who are obsessed with it.
Psy, also isn't a great representation of all K Pop right?
It's still catchy though.
@AgentLeo biases right! Awesome, see I'm not as pathetically lost as before! I knew this post would teach me something :)
and correct psy isnt a great representation of all kpop because theres slow emotional songs too and so much variety! also the people we like the most are called biases. people can bias members and groups.
Haha, great card! K-pop certainly is a way of life. Instead of bands, they're groups. And fans tend to feel strongly about certain groups and every group has it's own fandom. Big Bang is coming to NYC in October but I won't be able to go T.T (Random fact: Big Bang fandom is called VIP) ^_^
Ah! @poojas perfect!! This is the knowledge I was trying to obtain! I knew you'd come through :)