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Acting all cute..... Your friend says "Aye, look out"..... And you're still waving at oppa like.... "Hayyyy how you doin, baby ȏ.̮ȏ" Then you literally run into something -_-||
Why you gotta do me like that??
@ErinGregory, his other members and so was his staff. The funny art was that everyone stopped everything that they were doing to see what happenedㅋㅋ
It happened to seungi once when he was do a concert video and he wasn't paying attention and ending up crashing into a glass door at a hair salon. He got so mad after it happened because no warned him about the door.ㅋㅋㅋ
@RochelleRose, ohmigosh hahahahaha I need to see that! Seungri is so cute! xD
Lmao!!! So EMBARRASSING!!!! So cute!
Lol really man I'll be like that too doe be like: Hey T.O.P how it's going (bump in to the heart.) man really I was trying to say hi :-)
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