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KCON LA DAY 1: All You Need To Know

On Part I of KCON LA 2015 - GOT7, MONSTA X, ROY KIM, SISTAR, & SUPER JUNIOR will be performing. I am going to provide you with a brief list of things you need to know about each band before going to LA!
Let's start with GOT7! Got7 debuted on January 16th, 2014 with their hot debut song: "Girls, Girls, Girls." Their EP "Got It!" included other catchy songs like "I Like You" and "Follow Me"
Six months later, they released their 2nd mini album "GOT❤" with title song "A" and several remixes in the album!
On November 18, 2014, they came back with "Identify" promoted by "Stop, Stop It" and remixes of previous hit songs!
Just 3 days ago, they came back with "Just Right" album including pieces like "Nice" and "Mine"!
Let's head onto Monsta X! Monsta X debuted last May with their EP "Tresspass" after going through NO.MERCT -- a survival program with Starship Entertainment. This release is definitely full of great pieces! I'm somewhat biased that I recommend you listen to all of their pieces before you go to LA!
Roy Kim debuted back in April 2013 with his single "Bom, Bom, Bom" -- Two months later, he returned with his two albums "Love, Love, Love" and "Home"
As for SISTAR, they are the only girl group perfoming on Day 1 of KCON LA 2015. They debuted way back in 2010 with "Push, Push, Push" , "Shady Girl", and "How Dare You"
In 2011, SISTAR returned with "So Cool". They came back in 2012 with "Alone" and in 2013 with "Give It To Me" and most recently in 2014 with "Touch My Body" and "I Swear"
And Last but NEVER least! Super Junior debuted back in the day when most people didn't know of kpop! Lol JK-- Super Junior is one of the groups that got me into KPOP and they debuted back in 2005 with "Twins". They came back in 2007 with "Don't Don". And in 2009 with their album "Sorry, Sorry" - they finally peaked! They continued with "Bonamana" in 2010, "Mr. Simple" in 2011, "Sexy, Free & Single" in 2012, "Mamacita" in 2014, and most recently "Devil" that released yesterday! :D

Now enjoy the music!

@maria213 OMG!! YOU LIVE IN PHOENIX!!? ME TOO 😹👻
Wait Shinhwa what. I wanna go now
I wish I can go (^_^) wish GOT7 would come to Phoenix AZ (^ - ^)
so jealous im not in LA :((
@zaria36915 you should listen to the song eat by Zion.t
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