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HAS ANYONE SEEN THIS?? It looks pretty amusing hahaha I was thinking about reading a bit, but now I kinda wanna watch a K-Drama! And then I'm stuck between this, finishing one I have already started, or starting the Korean version of Fated to Love You! FML!!
Dude..... WATCH IT!!!!!!! I watched it with my grandma and she loved it, I loved it. But I think the girl should've fell in love with the guy that found out about her through the professor (sorry, tiny spoiler)
@Foxxyjinxx, I have secret Garden on my To Watch List!! I kept bypassing it for the longest time but someone here recommended it so I decided to give it a shot :-)
Secrect garden is really good too im watching it at the moment :)
@DeniseiaGardner, @netchtiBates, @KatieRussell, thanks guys! I'll definitely put it on my last, even though it ends 2 episodes too soon hahahaha :-) ♡
yea iv seen it its good you should watch it.
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