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@ErinGregory I am not but should I jump on that ship?
@Emealia, YES!! You're already partway there hahahaha Superwho lock is three fandoms put together. Super = Supernatural, who = Doctor Who, and lock = Sherlock (the new BBC show with Benedict Cumberbatch). ALL 3 are amazing! Sherlock only has 3 seasons out and there's only 3 episodes per season. But they're all amazing!!! Doctor Who is, after LOTR, MY FAVORITE fandom!! <3
@ErinGregory Are they all available online? I don't have cable XD
@Emealia, they are all on Netflix!!! :-) I don't have cable either!
I didnt know this would happen to me. Only 2 years passed and my iPod went from 100% rock to 100% Kpop with like 100% videos of Aegyo. So done