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I (KEN)NOT WITH BAMBAM'S FACE AND MARK'S PUFFED CHEEKS (he looks good in pink though...yumm~)!!!! Jackson and his blond's still too much for me....he looks so fabulous!!!
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@WiviDemol Yes he is....he's growing too much... (look at me talking like a noona lol)
hahaha @KpopGaby I've become a noona fan now too :) all them are just so young hahaha but age is just a number baby haha
@WiviDemol I'm not a noona lol. I sometimes act like one XD But true. Age is only a number
@KpopGaby oh gosh sorry dear hahahah.indeed that happens coz you know you're seeing them grow and bloom into hot idols haha
@WiviDemol It's fine ^_^ and yes...we grow with them and they become more loveable!