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I think I need some water............... BC THIS TRACK IS FIYAHHHHHH \(^O^)/
EYE LOVE EET!!!!!! That beat tho.....like OMGAWWDD....Mad Clown always kills.....and Jooheon is growing on me. Boy has got some definite skills. I like how the beat changed up for his verse. I cant get over Mad Clown tho.....Let me bring that FUNK ヽ(^。^)ノYAAASSSS!!! BRING IT ON, BABY! This single is definitely worth the download. The B track, Stay Strong ft Flowsick, is really good too. Jooheon is a monster....and I mean that in the best way (•̀ᴗ•́)و
yassssss @panouvang123 Giriboy was featured in Guhara's new track Choco Chip Cookies https://youtu.be/vqCUdlkmalw He looks different but still fine as hell (っ˘ڡ˘ς) lol
@PassTheSuga omg really? I really thought that was Giriboy... oops and why did I put history -_- I meant mad clown. but dang, Giriboy went blonde?!
@panouvang123 the MV dropped yesterday and the audio was released like a week ago or so I think. Lol it's Mad Clown for sure.....trust. Giriboy and Mad Clown have very different tones and flows. I think the glasses throw everyone off Lol but Giriboy went blonde as of late.
and I think that's Giriboy cause cause doesn't look like anyone I know from HISTORY....
oh my! when did this come out!!! damn! my bias (in MONSTA X) is killin it! lol
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