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Recently Tasty, a Chinese twin duo, has stated that they will not be doing Korean promotions. This announcement has sparked tension between Woollim and the twins; or rather, it is the result of already present tensions between the two. While Woollim claims that they knew nothing, the twins are insisting that they had already discussed with the company.
These back and forth accusations bring up the question of how shady and biased the Woollim management is. There's no doubt that Infinite are the bread and butter for the company but even within the group there seems to be bias- or so people say. Some inspirits point out the favoritism that Sunggyu is shown, now that he's been allowed two solos, since Woohyun has not received as many opportunities. Not to mention, there were rumors floating around that Sunggyu was somehow related to the CEO, but those are currently just rumors. Perhaps the biggest moment of biased management occurred when Epik High was signed under Woollim and Tablo suffered through his Tajinyo scandal. In that moment, Woollim completely abandoned Tablo even while he was receiving death threats and did not do anything to help prove his innocence, which Tablo ended up doing himself. Since then many people have started to doubt Woollim. What do you think of the situation? Is Woollim as shady as some people think?
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aren't they under SM now and we all know how they can be