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In my life i have never had 1,2&3 lead syndrome ...and its happening , i just find all of them perfect and cute and hot for her that i dont know who to root for . Its obvious who she is going to fall for ,but i still like to think that she would make a great couple with the other two . I know im being too greedy but i dont care =[ Well this drama is so funny that im not going to skip even a minute of it :]
this is a classic to add to your collection. Is it your first time watching it?
this is my first historical drama that is finished I started watching a new one that is called scholar who walks at night! and I haven't seen much but they are good I'm liking this one but I need to watch more in order to know which is my favorite :)
@BelencitaGarcia awesomeness! you'll enjoy it. my friend loves historical dramas too. what's your favorite historical drama?
yes it is . I like historical dramas too so I decided to start this one and of course I'm watching too because of the amazing actors!