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My grandma passed away two weeks ago. She was a second mother to me.. When she passed all I had was bigbang to make me smile again. It still hurts with her gone but she'll slap me silly if I cried over her every night 😣 this music video makes me remember her last hour when I watched her take her last breath... I just wanted to share my feelings because I can't even talk about it to anyone I know so I thought maybe I can talk about it to people who have no idea who I am πŸ˜”
@txtwilightx, you definitely don't need to hide your feelings here!! <3
You definitely don't need to hide your feelings around kpop family. I got into kpop around the time my grandma passed away actually. And it helped a lot. I know whenever I'm down I just have to watch some Korean dorks. They were the only thing that could make me laugh. Just know your grandma will always be in your heart! :)
Thank you guys :) it means a lot
I'm sorry, remember her good and bad she will always be with you
o(β•―β–‘β•°)o Sorry for your loss....*hugs*
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