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It's no secret that dry shampoo is a gem for second-day hair. Guys wouldn't know your pretty textured hair is actually days-old because dry shampoo absorbs grease so well. All this only applies if you are using the product right. Many people complain about their dry shampoo not working and actually making their hair more oily. Girl, you might be using it wrong.

Three things to AVOID:

1. Spraying too closely to your hair.
2. Using too much product.
3. Brushing your hair without letting the product set.


1. Section your hair and spray at the roots.
2. If you have a lot white residue that means you sprayed too much products on. Massage to distribute it thoroughly.
3. Curly hair: Skip the brushing. It can create frizz. Instead, use your fingers to massage in any excess products.