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so apparently there were a lot of malicious threats to namjoon in NY so they had to cut the concert short and cancel both hi touch and photo op, and now it's very likely that hi touch and photo op will be cancelled for all stops. thanks to these immature fans, really. thanks for allowing us to spend $200+ for a hi touch ticket only to take it away because of their stupidity. really. my friends and i have saved up so much (this was a big portion of my paycheck) and planned and waited for this for so long. one of us is even coming down from san francisco, but someone just had to ruin it for everyone. i probably sound like a spoiled brat right now, but this is absolutely ridiculous. and i don't blame subkulture or big hit at all. they're simply doing their job of protecting their artists. it's not subkulture entertainment's fault, it's not big hit entertainment's fault, and it's not bts's fault. it's the fault of the immature 'fans.'
This whole situation is crazy and sending these awful threats as supposed fans is just shameful. It totally isn't fair for those of you who bought the tickets. Uhg I hope they make up for it somehow.
@xoxoaudra98 i know as they were leaving the venue a bunch of fans gathered to say sorry to them but honestly i just feel so bad for the boys :-(
I wonder how the BTS members are feeling right now :(
That's messed up I would've been really pissed, and very sad ughhhh immature fans always ruin EVERYTHING!!!
This made me SO MAD when I heard about this... I didnt go, but Rap Mon made a MISTAKE. He's HUMAN. And if the members who he said that about isn't mad about it, then the FANS SHOULDNT BE. It's just so annoying how people have to nitpick at EVERYTHING these idols say. Some people need to lay off and let these people live. ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ゙
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