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so apparently there were a lot of malicious threats to namjoon in NY so they had to cut the concert short and cancel both hi touch and photo op, and now it's very likely that hi touch and photo op will be cancelled for all stops. thanks to these immature fans, really. thanks for allowing us to spend $200+ for a hi touch ticket only to take it away because of their stupidity. really. my friends and i have saved up so much (this was a big portion of my paycheck) and planned and waited for this for so long. one of us is even coming down from san francisco, but someone just had to ruin it for everyone. i probably sound like a spoiled brat right now, but this is absolutely ridiculous. and i don't blame subkulture or big hit at all. they're simply doing their job of protecting their artists. it's not subkulture entertainment's fault, it's not big hit entertainment's fault, and it's not bts's fault. it's the fault of the immature 'fans.'
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you are right. ^^
Its crazy what happened, especially since it was some people's first concert (including me). Im still super thankful I got to see them live. The energy was amazing. Shocked I didnt lose my voice. Im just glad they're all safe. Thank you BTS for being so fun, adorable (Suga's Aegyo OMG), and for smiling so much!! ARMY will support always. Im so curious to see their reactions to the 90degree bowing in LA. chicago and Dallas. So curious...
@B2TANG88 honestly i don't think this 90 degree bowing thing is gonna work out lol.... club nokia is pretty small and pit is packed in really tight so any attempt at bowing will end up bad haha but hopefully one of the other venues can pull it off
@ephneyt right now. Im just hoping for the best. Had so much fun at TRBinNYC amd i just want everyone else to have as much fun, especially BTS themselves. Lets hope it works. If not, ARMY will surely find another way to show their luv.
if they were real fans they woyld be sending love not threats :to people who sent the threats: you are help to no one you ruined the experience for the fans, for bts, for yourself! you need to apologize and start behave like a human being, not some sicko who cant tell the difference from a serious death threat from a funny joke get yourselves together and call us when you are ready to join the human race