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My Results Love interest- Song Seung Hun Enemy- Lee Min Jung Plot- I overtake my enemy's company, and marry the main lead. If this was so I'm very lucky because I would never win against Lee Min Jung's looks.
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Lee Miho, Ha Ji Won, You are too poor to marry male lead so enemy stole him ;(
Time travel to meet Kim Hyun Joong and steal him from Han Hyo Joo...bahaha...sounds like something I'd do @KpopGaby! LOL
@poojas feisty lol
Love interest: Jung Yong Hwa❤️ Enemy: Park Shin Hye!! Love her tho!! Plot: I marry lead for a year then he leaves me for the enemy ;-; - Its ok they were OTP from the start!! ;0; At least he was with me for a year ;^;...
Love interest -> Kim Hyun Joong Enemy -> Song Hey Kyo *Overtake SHK's company and marry KHJ