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I am blessed to say my very first Kpop concert was as a B.A.B.Y!!!♡ I have still yet to tell my friend how much I paid for our tickets...;P Maybe one day Bwahaha!!!^^ But no price could have stopped me from seeing my UB:) Nor could a price ever come close to what these boys are really worth...PRICELE$$♡
My Jam definitely had me "Lovesick"♡
A smooth Zelo^^
Who knew??? ...Jongup would be the one to steal the whole show ;D
.................... Speechless, just speechless^^ #Body&Soul
The highlight for me personally, was when Yongguk spoke of the victims & rescuers of the #SewolFerry. Although many of us fans new what tragedy they were facing as a country...they still put there all on the stage but not forget about those in need as well^^ #ForeverWithBAP ♡