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Just when people thought Linsanity was a fluke, he comes up with an assist like this...The guy's the real deal folks. http://img.youtube.com/vi/DrYvu__p8o8?wmode=transparent/hqdefault.jpg
I totally agree man. JLin is clearly an above average PG, and people who point to his mediocre stats should also know that he's on a REBUILDING team with unknown players, except for maybe Parsons. Now, I agree Harden is a stud, but he's also a player who won't help with Lin's stats (cuz Harden also needs the ball all the time to score). Despite all deficiencies, the numbers that Lin puts up are legit. I guess all the Knicks fans can do is weep their international superstar is gone, especially now with Felton out for over a month...
i was upset that the knicks let him go. there are those who said that he was getting to full of himself but which NBA player worth his salt isnt? then others who said knicks are better off with Felton? Wouldnt they be better off by having both??