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Mini Kpop Fans in Training LoL^^
First, I honestly want to say how much I truly love this Kpop Vingle Community♡♡♡ Everyone here is very welcoming... thank you:) This card however is dedicated to another card that started me to become a little more vocal in this community. Thank you @DanieTate for your awesome card... you are the inspiration for this card, and thank you @kpopandkimchi for always being so nice about replying back. You both are awesome^^ So here is my little Kpop Fan in training: Cheyenne 2yrs old Niece
1. Jamming to GOT7 in the car. ㅎㅎㅎ she us in love with my Mark ringtone♡
2. She knows my UB by name^^ #ProudestAuntEver Well, half of his name lol:) I was shocked♡ I would love for you all to share your mini Kpop Fans in Training too^^ They are too darn CUTE♡?
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