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So I have a friend that went to trb in new York and apparently they canceled the hi touch, didn't perform the last three songs all thanks to crazy fans. But rumor has it that they also plan to cancel hi touch events in every city. Because a fan said they would kill namjoon. But they were apparently "trolling". Like no. Please. I'm disgusted.
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People this is getting out of hand. I feel horrible for the guys! Like when is it EVER okay to threaten someone? Even if it "was a joke". Seriously?! They need to grow up and learn what is okay behavior. (sorry rant over)
@inumi preeaach
That is messed up, poor Rapmon =[ People gonna get his Noona angry and out to get them
I agree with all of you. Like yeah he probably knows what he was wrong. But threatening his life is too much. I'm so embarrassed. And like if they cancel the rest of the shows that would suck. Fans can be so ungrateful.