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There has been some pretty fucked up shit going on with death threats tonight and I honestly hope those people get in trouble for it. Stay Strong BTS
@Emealia it makes me so sad when people say they love bts or their fans but when shit goes down they turn on the ones they love. i dont know how people do it when you fully love something one does not simply love such thing when its good you love it through the bad. im glad vingle doesnt look like tumblr right now...theres so much hate. loovvve vingle right now
@AgentLeo I agree. What he said may not have been right (according to American standards on the term) but death threats in ANY situation is taking it far.
I hope everyone drops the whole situation and realize that it's not worth the argument But I really do hope the members are alright, just seeing all these threats have me worried But I know the company has them safe, but it hurts seeing them in this condition :'(
BTS mean a lot to me and they've got me through some stuff in my life. and it hurts to see them going through this. no one, no matter who you are, should ever EVER have someone tell you they are going to kill you. even if its a bluff that's some pretty messed up stuff right there. I want bts and especially namjoon at the moment to know that were here for them. I hope they don't read all the negative stuff and I hope they stay healthy. I wish I could see them in person just so I could tell them that there are still REAL army's out there that will protect them. and I'm sad I cant. I hope that they stay safe and don't do anything to harm themselves. ARMYS AND BTS FIGHTING!!!!
After everything went so well in Australia T.T I hope RM is ok~ Wanna hug them all right now!
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