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Girls from Singapore are always sooo crazy skinny (see picture for reference!) I heard from a Singaporean friend of this popular diet in Singapore that sounds healthy, economical, and according to my friend.. VERY EFFECTIVE! apparently you can lose up to 3 kg in 2 days! Details are: DAY One BREAKFAST Black tea/coffee 1 grapefruit 1 slice toast 2 tsps peanut butter LUNCH Black tea/coffee 4 oz (100g) tuna 1 slice toast DINNER 1 slice chicken ham 1 cup (50g) long beans 4 oz (100g) beetroot 4 oz (100g) Ice-cream 1 small apple DAY Two BREAKFAST Black tea/coffee 1 egg boiled/poached 1 slice toast Half a banana LUNCH Black tea/coffee 4 oz (100g) cottage cheese 5 Tun/Ritz biscuits DINNER 2 chicken sausages 4 oz (100g) broccoli 2 oz (50g) carrots Half a banana 4 oz (100g) ice-cream DAY Three BREAKFAST Black tea/coffee 1 egg hard boiled 1 slice toast LUNCH Black tea/coffee 1 slice chedder cheese 5 Tun/Ritz biscuits 1 small apple DINNER 4 oz (100g) tuna 4 oz (100g) beetroot 4 oz (100g) cauliflower 1/4 honeydrew 4 oz (100g) ice-cream Actually, it sounds like a really appetising diet to me. This is one diet that I might really try!
I'm a big eater,this menu will starve me,for sure!
it is not good to loose that much u probably loosing muscle as well. which is bad news. because the more muscle mass u have the more calories u can burn and look amazing!
this looks like a starvation diet lol no offence i eat 1800-1900 cal a day and stay relly fit the treak is crossfit workouts
at least there's ice cream right?? hehe
hmmm this diet looks quite yummy actually